I've been a wine enthusiast and professional for over 30 years.

Everything started on my grandmother’s wine estate in Bordeaux during summer holidays. So much good memories, walking into the vineyards picking grapes to check maturity, Bottling, corking and labelling all done by hands, preparing the cellar for the new harvest, and some greedy memories when tasting the first juice coming out from the press…

Today, my home base is Saint Remy de Provence, not far from the main appellations of the Rhône Valley and Provence.

I've founded Avenue Terroir in 2007 with the goal of building a network of enterprising producers who looked to grow their export sales. In 2012, Avenue Terroir looked to build on its success by taking its portfolio to the United States. Since then we have successfully grown our distribution network on markets.


The key to this success is Avenue Terroir’s sharply focused business strategy. The central element of the strategy is a portfolio of producers and wines representing the main French appellations. Each wine is sourced directly from artisanal producers who use traditional agricultural methods that respect the environment. Of equal importance, is that each wine is an exclusive brand and offers the best value for money. Of course, Avenue Terroir gladly represents wines from lesser known appellations that match these criteria of quality and value.

In summary, our mission is to offer, the consumer, with you the best of French wines.

Thank you.

 Christian Morenne