Le saviez vous? D'où vient la grande popularité des vins rosés en France?

Did you know? Where does the great popularity of rosé wines in France come from?

In the 1930s and 40s following the laws on the first paid holidays, many French people set off to discover the French coast. Wine consumption in France was high during this period, holidaymakers were looking for a wine that was easy to drink and refreshing. At that time Provence produced red and white wines, the reds a little too tannic, the whites a little too lively, the idea came to mix the two and offer a refreshing thirst-quenching wine.

In other regions such as Bordeaux for example, the production of rosé wines was linked to the mode of remuneration of agricultural workers in the vineyards. Indeed it was common for a barrel of wine to be allocated to each worker, this wine was the result of bleeding carried out on the macerations of Red wines, this wine considered to be very ordinary was designated under the name of "Piquette".

In 2021, France was one of the top consumers and producers of rosé wine in the world. Rosé wine has a long and important history in French wine culture. The consumption of rosé wine is deeply rooted in French society and is often enjoyed during meals, picnics and social gatherings.

The popularity of rosé wine in France can be attributed to several factors:

Climate and geography: The climatic and geographical diversity of France provides an ideal environment for the cultivation of grapes used in the production of rosé. Regions such as Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon and the Rhône Valley are particularly famous for their rosé wines.

Wine Culture: France has a rich and sophisticated wine culture, where wine is an integral part of daily life and celebrations. The French are very proud of their local wine traditions and rosé has become an essential part of the French wine repertoire.

Versatility: The versatility of rosé wine makes it appealing to a wide range of consumers. It can be paired with various summer dishes (barbecue, pizza, couscous, salads) and is often considered a refreshing choice in hot weather.

Marketing and exporting: France has successfully promoted its rosé wines around the world, contributing to their popularity both at home and abroad. French rosé is renowned for its quality and consumers seek out these wines from reputable producers.

Good summer to all and good tasting.

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