Bordeaux Wines


Bordeaux East Bank is the other place for Classified Growth. Châteaux from Saint-Émilion are set on hillsides where sun exposition is the best. Clay and silt, deposited throughout millions of years by Dordogne River, is the perfect soil for Merlot to take root.


Bordeaux West Bank is shared between Médoc, the great Châteaux peninsula, and Graves, the gravel terroir.
Cabernet Sauvignon is the king variety here. It deeply roots in the soft ground, made from gravel and clay deposited by Garonne river. This light ground spreads the sun heat all night long, allowing the grapes to ripe comfortably. Seawind repels fog and fungi disease.
Historically, Grave wines were carried to Bordeaux to be aged in Négociants wineries. Vessels sailed on Garonne to fetch them, While Médoc wines were directly brought on Gironde banks to be loaded.