Organic Wines

In the United States, there are various certifications to prove that a wine is ORGANIC:

The NOP (National Organic Program) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) are both entities under the US government and are linked to the regulation and certification of organic products. Here are the main differences between the two:

1. Scope and area of application :
- NOP: The National Organic Program is a specific program created to regulate and certify organic products. It sets standards for organic agriculture, including the production, handling, labeling and certification of organic products.
- USDA: The United States Department of Agriculture is a large government department that encompasses many aspects of agriculture, including the regulation of organic products via the NOP, but also other areas such as agricultural research, food safety, agricultural policies, etc.

2. Function :
- NOP: Specifically in charge of organic product regulation and certification, it sets the standards that must be met for a product to be labeled as "organic".
- USDA: In addition to the NOP, the USDA oversees many other aspects of agriculture, food and nutrition. It supports regulation, research, agricultural policy and innovation throughout the agricultural sector.

3. Focus :
- NOP: Focuses exclusively on standards and regulations surrounding organic products, their production, labeling and certification.
- USDA: Covers a wide range of topics from agricultural policy and research to food safety issues, farm subsidies, etc.

4. Certification and regulation :
- NOP: Enacts specific rules so that a product can be labeled and sold as organic. It oversees the certification bodies that verify producers' compliance.
- USDA: Provides general oversight of the NOP, but its activities cover much more than just organic certification. It also oversees other programs such as food quality standards, agricultural research, etc.

In summary, the NOP is a specific program under the USDA, which sets the standards and regulations for organic products in the USA, while the USDA is the broader department that covers the whole spectrum of agriculture, including oversight of the NOP, but also other aspects of agriculture, food and agricultural policy.

We have a number of NOP and Ecocert certified organic wines :