Les 13 Desserts en Provence : Quel Vin Choisir pour une Harmonie Parfaite ?

The 13 Desserts in Provence: Which Wine to Choose for Perfect Harmony?

Provence is renowned for its rich and tasty culinary traditions, and the 13 Christmas desserts are an integral part of this. This tradition dates back to the 18th century and symbolizes the celebration of the nativity. These varied desserts, a mixture of dried fruits, nougat, fruit jellies and biscuits, offer a unique palette of flavors. However, to perfect this taste experience, the choice of wine is crucial. Here are some suggestions to accompany these Provençal delights.

Muscat of Beaumes-de-Venise

Start your feast with a glass of Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise. This sweet and fruity wine, produced in the Vaucluse region, goes perfectly with dried fruits such as figs, dates and apricots present in the 13 desserts.

Côteaux d’Aix en Provence Rosé

A classic of the region, Provence rosé, brings a welcome freshness to your tasting. Opt for a Côtes de Provence Rosé with delicate aromas of red fruits. It will perfectly complement the sweet flavors of nougat and fruit jellies.

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For red wine lovers, Banyuls, a natural sweet wine from Roussillon, is an excellent choice. Its notes of red fruits and its slightly spicy side make a delicious contrast with sweeter desserts.

Cooked Wine of Provence

If you're looking for a local option, Vin Cuit de Provence is an interesting alternative. This cooked wine, with notes of caramel and candied fruit, harmonizes perfectly with the rich flavors of the 13 desserts.

Champagne Grand Cru

For a sparkling touch, Champagne which will elegantly accompany light desserts such as meringues and calissons.

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Côtes du Rhone Blanc

If you prefer white, opt for a Côtes du Rhône Blanc. This wine from the Rhône Valley offers complex aromas of white flowers and white peach that will pair perfectly with the subtle flavors of desserts.

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In conclusion, the choice of wine to accompany the 13 desserts in Provence depends on your personal preferences, but the objective is to harmonize the flavors for an optimal taste experience. Whether you opt for a sweet Muscat, a refreshing rosé or a full-bodied red, Provence offers a variety of wines that will perfectly complement this traditional Christmas feast. Cheers and happy holidays!

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